What is The Doctors Choice Medical Mouth Rinse™?

…and how can it help you?

The Doctors Choice Medical Mouth Rinse™ is a therapeutic mouth rinse formulated by Dr. Jackie C. Johns and used in his dental practice for over 35 years. Due to the success this mouth rinse with Dr. Johns’ private patients, he is now making The Doctor’s Choice Medical Mouth Rinse™ available to all dental patients in need of a safe, highly effective, and non-addictive medical-grade oral rinse  for easing pain and discomfort after surgery, mouth soreness, canker sores, mild tooth aches, and so much more.   

The Doctor’s Choice Medical Mouth Rinse™ comes in 3 different strengths to match your particular needs. Click here to see what strength is right for you.

Benefits & Applications

  • Relieves post-surgery pain & discomfort
  • Reduces oral bleeding
  • Used to treat entire mouth
    (or for targeted issues within the mouth)
  • 3 Strengths to match your needs
  • Slows the process of tooth decay
  • Improves gingivitis
  • Therapeutic mouth rinse
  • Treats canker sores
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